The Six W’s of the Raw Food Diet

Reinvented Guacamole slices avocado saladIs the raw food diet healthy? 

The raw food diet, or as their followers call it, the live food diet, has many enthusiasts. People have reported experiencing more energy, improved health, weight loss, and clarity of mind. There is no doubt that it has benefits for some people, but is it good for everyone? That is the question we want to explore.

Is the raw food diet Ayurvedic?

The interpretations of raw food in Ayurvedic circles is mixed. Most ayurvedic experts say that the majority of your foods should be cooked. In addition, if you are a Vata body type, you need to avoid raw foods like the plague because live foods have qualities (cold, rough, dry, and light) that can play havoc with your digestion. So, are raw foods bad for everyone? We are not sure.

The 6 W’s

Instead of trying to limit our answer to a yes or no, we want to ask different questions that allow a more nuanced answer and a more flexible interpretation. We want to solve the problem by asking the Six W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

Who is the raw food diet good for?

What kinds of body types do well with mostly live foods? What state of health do you need to have in order to thrive on this diet? What strength of digestion is required to enjoy the benefits of raw foods?

What foods should you or can you eat raw?

Even raw food bloggers recommend eating only 75 percent raw foods. There are some foods you just cannot eat raw and are better cooked or not eaten at all.
No one would argue against eating raw fruits, lettuce, and cucumbers. Broccoli, zucchini and yams can be a matter of taste. Raw beans, on the other hand, would be a no-no for most people. Dairy will depend on the type of dairy, unless you are vegan.

When is the raw diet appropriate?

Is it better to eat raw in some seasons than others? Is it better to try this diet in a certain stage of life.

Where should you eat raw foods?

Can you survive on a 75% raw food diet in any climate on earth? Is it even possible to obtain the live foods required for this diet anywhere on the planet?

Why would you eat raw foods?

Are you trying to stay healthy? Are you suffering from a chronic disease? Are you trying to detox you body? Are you desperate to loose weight? Are you concerned about the environment? Are you trying to support your spiritual practice with a Pranic diet?

How do you eat raw foods and how long can you be on the raw food diet?

What are the ways you can prepare raw foods? Are some of those methods better for some foods or some people? Can you be a life-long raw food dieter? It’s been beneficial for some people in the short run, but what does it take to make it a long-term lifestyle?
These are some of the questions we want to explore in our course on The Raw Food Diet and the Ayurvedic Doshas. We want to know what you think.
  • Have you tried the live food diet?

  • What’s your experience?

  • What’s your favorite raw food recipe?

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