Seeking Your Dreams

by Seth Braun —

I am a dreamer. For that, I blame my parents. You see, they gave me the name, Seth Dream-Seeker Waxing-Moon Braun. That is my real name written on my birth certificate. I would put it on my driver’s license if it fit (it doesn’t). Instead, it just says, Seth Dream-Seeker Braun.

It has made for many amusing conversations, not the least of which has been that time when I was hitchhiking through Georgia at age 19, but that is another story.

But real power means that I get to choose what my given name means to me. I have the power to change my name, change the meaning, and change the story of my life at any time.

I choose to believe that my name means: “Appointed by the Infinite Creative Intelligence to live my dreams and reflect the light of others back to them while staying grounded in reality.”

What is your real name?

How do you want to write your story?

Who are you at your core and what to do you want to create?

Seeking Dreams

I consume a lot of content on personal growth and development. It is a big part of my life. I notice I start to compare myself to famous self-help teachers. Then I begin to feel bummed out. I think, “man, it looks like they never make mistakes! I am always making mistakes.”

The truth about seeking my dreams is that I mess up. A lot. Like every day. I have made stupid decisions. Put my foot in my mouth. I’ve been over-confident and under-confident. I’ve let my fears hold me back and I’ve let addictions and compulsions keep me in my comfort zone. I’ve lost money on business deals and have come close to bankruptcy twice.

However, as a result of this commitment to seeking my dreams, I have had the great privilege to experience the following as well:

  • I led retreats in Costa Rica and The Rocky Mountains,
  • The first book I wrote became a bestseller,
  • My second book became a bestseller,
  • I helped clients reverse type 2 diabetes,
  • I’ve healed myself of chronic disease,
  • I remarried my ex-wife,
  • I showed up for my kids in a big way,
  • I built a thriving, dynamic practice in one of the most competitive markets in the country,
  • I live on a city homestead with chickens, gardens, and fruit trees,
  • I’ve recorded albums, produced and directed original theater.

But most incredibly, I picked myself up out of the pits of self-destruction, despair, and depression and did what most thought was impossible. I survived.

Your Dreams

How about you? Are you seeking your dreams? What wild, outrageous, and wonderful dream is whispering in your heart? What wants to emerge for you?

Right now, you have the opportunity to choose to live the rest of your life with a new story. Isn’t that cool?

Turning Dreams Into Reality

In my book, Indestructible Success, I outlined a process for making dreams real. It goes like this:











Your dreams are the seed of that intelligence expressing an urge to be, to do, and to have more expression in your life.

Your vision for your life is the first level of making your dreams come true. You can begin to speak it and write it. You are actually making the initial steps of creation when you take this step. It is powerful too in that it begins to pull your focus away from problems and towards creation. You turn from victim mode to creator mode.

Your goals are really limitations that you place on your vision. Limitation is thought of as a bad thing. But it is actually where we get freedom. Steve Jobs is famously quoted saying, “you have to say no to the 1,000 things to say YES to the 1 thing.” When you limit your vision to a timeline, a budget, and a defined project, then the definition itself creates the space for the energy to grow into.

Your planning is how you sequence the goal so that you know how to spend your energy efficiently and wisely and make the most of your precious life force. Your main motivation for solid planning could even be peace of mind. When you have a good plan, you know it will change, but you can rest in the structure.

And finally, you take action. But you don’t just blindly bumble forward. You take strategic action, based on your vision, goals, and plans. And the key to effective action is a weekly system for organizing and breaking projects down into bite-sized chunks and scheduling your priorities.

We call this the “Work Your Plan” process. And it is featured in Indestructible Success, but really gets taught at a deep level at our live events.

When you implement these skills, you become a powerful co-creator with God, Life, or whatever name you prefer for this force that is the source of all things. Your life becomes your prayer. Your actions become your praise. Your work becomes your sacred expression. I call it applied spirituality.

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