Are Your Dreams Messages?

Keyhole Dreams
Your dreams may hold the key that could unlock the messages your soul is sending you. Whether it is a vibrant vivid dream wrought with symbolism or a seemingly mundane everyday dream, you can glean a lot of information by looking more deeply into your dreams. Even apparently simple dreams may have hidden meaning. For example, I had a client who dreamed of owning a chain of restaurants that had carrots as the main ingredient in many of the menu items. This client was not a chef and had no interest in opening a restaurant. So what can this dream be telling him?
Dream work and dream interpretation is specific to the dreamer. Your background, your history, your heritage all play a role in the symbolism of your dreams.
There is no easy answer to what something means within a dream. Instead, you have to look at your dreams in the context of the consciousness from which the dream emerges. Your personal psychology creates the dreamscape, so only your psychology and your consciousness can create the cypher that allows you to break the code of your dreams.
Learning about dream techniques and practicing dream work skills will allow you to unlock the codes more quickly. In some respects it is like learning a new language. We have a mind, body, spirit connection, yet each of the three has its own language. Our spirit speaks the language of our soul. By learning its language you can better translate your dream’s meaning.
The beautiful part is this is already a language you know. You just have to teach yourself to remember it. It is your Soul, so the language is buried within your own psyche.
I worked with a woman who did not speak a foreign language, yet while on vacation in Spain she was talking in her sleep. As she was dreaming, amazingly, she was speaking fluent Spanish. Like the language of her soul, she had deep in her subconscious the Spanish language. Growing up in Southern California she had a Spanish-speaking nanny. Being in Spain and immersed in the language, the knowledge was unlocked from her psyche.
This is also how learning the language of our soul works. The language of your soul is buried in your psyche. You just have to work at finding the key that deciphers the code. Once you unlock the code and learn your own soul’s language you will start to be able to interpret your dreams more quickly and more meaningfully. It only takes a few techniques and some practice to learn to decode the dream messages.

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