Top Food for Good Vision

Healthy Super FoodWhich do you think the top food is for good vision?  Here are the contenders:
     1.  Leafy green vegetables
     2. Carrots
     3. Red peppers
Rate each of these foods on a scale of 1-10. Which is your top food? If you said carrots, you would not be right!  Carrots are great foods for other reasons, but not the most nutritious for the eyes.   If you said leafy green vegetables you would be right!
The way carrots became known as the “vision” food was during WWII. The British fighter pilots began to use something called radar.  The British pilots were able to intercept the German planes by communicating with radar operators on the ground.  The Brits did not want the Germans to find out they had radar, so they made up this myth, that carrots were giving the fighter pilots the ability to see their planes. There were a lot of carrots in Britain! That is the myth that has carried forward today.
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Smith, K. Annabelle  (2013, August 13) A WWII Propaganda Campaign Popularized the Myth That Carrots Help You See in the Dark.

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