Maximize Your Vision Potential

Maximize Your Vision Potential

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In this 3-hour online course we will explore how you can improve and maintain your eye health and vision.  With these tools you will be able to Maximize Your Vision Potential.   This course is structured in six key areas designed to support your knowledge of vision and eye health.  You will learn:
  1. How to eat to nourish and nurture your eyes.  We'll discuss the nutrients needed for good eye health.
  2. How to stay focused and flexible.  We'll discuss techniques that you can use to keep your eyes and vision clear with different visual activities.
  3. About using your eyes and vision for computer activities and how this sustained use affects the eyes.
  4. A whole body approach to vision and eye health, incorporating Ayurvedic principles.
  5. What happens to the eye with seasonal changes using ayurvedic principles.
  6. How to support you eyes with common eye and vision conditions.

Diane Prather, OD, MPH

Preventive Eye Care -Doctor of Optometry