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Relationship Goal-Setting

by Lewis Denbaum 23 Lessons in , $47

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Are you one of those couples who wants to improve your relationship? Are you ready to address issues that cause you both angsts? Are you ready to show gratitude and acknowledge what is working?
Relationships need attention and nurturing. It is necessary to stop and service, evaluate, and care for the direction that the relationship is going in. You can nurture and tune up your relationship by setting goals and having plans based on the vision you have for your relationship. The wise say, we create our reality, so why not create a new reality for your relationship.
At the end of this 1 hour and 15 minute course you will have:
  • a vision for your relationship
  • your individual goals to improve your relationship
  • your goals as a couple for your relationship
  • a relationship action plan
  • connection, ease, love, freedom and happiness


Dreams, Symbolism and Soul

by Tabatha Watters 16 Lessons in , $35

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Have you ever awakened from a dream that left you feeling shaken for the rest of the day? Have you ever wondered why your dreams are the way they are? You may have noticed that some of your dreams are vivid while others you can't remember. Understanding your dreams and their symbolism can be a powerful tool for personal growth. When you are aware of the basic emotions that contribute to your thoughts and attitudes in your dreams, you can begin to interpret the messages of those dreams and learn to apply them in your daily life. In this 2-hour online course, Dreams, Symbolism and Soul, Tabatha Watters, M.A. discusses dreams and their basic symbolism and using dreamwork for enhancing your life.

Whole Body Goddess

The Whole Body Goddess

by Susanna McCan 22 Lessons in , $97

Whole Body Goddess: Holistic Self-Care and Sexual Self-Healing for Women

This practical and profound program contains a wealth of little-known information about the female body and a set of very powerful self-care practices that help women heal a wide range of issues related to sexuality and intimacy.

Why “Whole Body Goddess”?

“Whole” because it’s profoundly Holistic.

  • Works on physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual levels.
  • Integrates body and spirit—sexuality and spirituality.
  • Benefits permeate your entire life.

“Body” because it is grounded in the physical body.

  • Heals our relationship with our body—for Self-authority and full Self-embodiment, as well as transformation of body image issues.
  • Helps prevent and/or reverse little-known but common physical problems, such as vulvodynia (chronic pain), vaginal atrophy (affects at least half of post-menopausal women), and organ prolapse (affects about 70% of women, often accompanied by urinary incontinence—but most women don’t know how to prevent it).
  • Strengthens sexual vitality—the Life Force that keeps us healthy and vital at any age.

“Goddess” because it addresses the spiritual as well as the physical dimensions of the female body.

  • Clarifies and clears out religious and spiritual attitudes toward women and sexuality that have supported the suppression of women for millennia in both Eastern and Western cultures.
  • Restores appreciation of the Divine Feminine and Feminine/ Masculine balance.
  • Gives direct experience of the spiritual gifts of the different female organs while clearing conscious and unconscious internalized misogyny.
  • Heals the ancient cultural antagonism between body and spirit, sexuality and spirituality.
  • Clears the way for wise, grounded, integrated personal choices in life.

Susanna McCan is an alchemical coach and workshop facilitator, working with women who want to be free to shine with their full Radiance—beauty, sexual vitality, and magnetism—at any age. She developed the Radiant Embodied Woman™ program, a systematic 6-month program that combines intensive Retreat Days with bi-weekly individual coaching and healing sessions.

The foundational component of this work is the Whole Body Goddess™ program, which Susanna wants to make available to all women for healing and liberation—hence this very affordable online course!

Couples Who Argue Promo - 1

Couples Who Argue

by Allen Ross 13 Lessons in , $35

It is normal to disagree.  When disagreements turn into arguments, they can be destructive to your relationships.  When you learn how to disagree without arguing, the relationship is cultivated. Couples Who Argue is a 2 1/2-hour three-lesson online course which will teach you the tools needed for expressing yourself in a positive way for a good outcome. In this course you will:

  • learn what causes an argument
  • learn what triggers arguments and how arguments escalate
  • learn how to stop arguments before they start
  • learn how not to get triggered into an argument
  • see how these principles are applied to the issues a couple is dealing with
  • gain understanding of your thoughts to better understand your responses
  • have the resources and techniques to cultivate your relationships
This course is taught by author and counselor Allen Ross, LPCC

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

by David Hawthorne 33 Lessons in $95 $79

The lessons are self-paced online videos. Astrology is the art of interpreting the esoteric influence of stars/planets on human lives. This course will teach you a systematic approach to this ancient knowledge and the application of astral remedies. This course is taught by renowned Vedic Astrologer - David Hawthorne, MS, JB

Successful business woman holding document folder

The 4 Pillars of Indestructible Success

by Seth Braun 26 Lessons in , $247

In this course you will learn the distillation of current best practices used by creators and leaders at the evolutionary edge of engaging the world.  You will learn how to employ the Four Pillars of Indestructible Success and have them work for you.  The training in this course will allow you to develop and own the skills necessary for ongoing success.


Becoming a Professional Human Being

by Jim Bagnola 26 Lessons in , $95

We are the beneficiaries of everything we think, do and say. This 5-hour course reveals the secrets of this mind-body connection. Best-selling author and speaker Jim Bagnola teaches "Becoming a Professional Human Being".