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Seeking Your Dreams

by Seth Braun — I am a dreamer. For that, I blame my parents. You see, they gave me the name, Seth Dream-Seeker Waxing-Moon Braun. That is my real name written on my birth certificate. I would put it on my driver’s license if it fit (it doesn’t). Instead, it just says, Seth Dream-Seeker Braun. […]

The Power of Greens

In this video Certified Health Coach Seth Braun discusses the benefits of eating Greens. Your mother said they were good for you. Doctors say they are good for you. But Seth tells you how research backs up the claims for these very powerful foods. So click the play button on this video and  –get your […]

Unshakable Confidence -part 3

In this third video on confidence, Seth explains that authenticity is the third component of confidence. Going beyond our social masks, we need to discover ourselves, be comfortable with our authentic selves, and share it with the world. There are three ways to develop this relationship with our authentic self: contemplation and meditation, being in the […]

Unshakable Confidence -part 2

In this second part of his three-part series on unshakable confidence, Seth describes the second layer of confidence: the thoughts you think and the words you speak. What goes on in your head all the time has a powerful influence over how confident you feel about your skills and abilities. If you think you can […]